Monthly Archives: July 2014

So after a bit of time off, the summer semester began in full swing in mid-June. I haven’t had much to update in the meantime, other than a couple outings during the short break with my classmates and spending most of the time moving out of my apartment. Unfortunately, I caught a flu the week before classes began and spent the entire time in bed when I would normally be re-organizing and getting pumped for the next semester. I did make it to the doctor’s office and was given an antibiotic, which made a huge difference. I made it to the first week of classes, though with a raspy voice raw from coughing and leftover congestion.

Thankfully, I’m feeling much better now and I have a couple things to share from the summer semester so far, though most are works in progress (WIP).

embryo, carnegie stages, human embryo

A close-up of my embryo project made in ZBrush for the advanced modeling class.

The assignment was to model any species in one stage of their embryonic development. Comparatively, there aren’t a lot of reference pictures for the human embryo, but it was still something I wanted to try. This is the first full project I’ve tackled using the program ZBrush, and I’ve gotta say, I love it!

We have also had a lot of small exercises and assignments in our animation class. We’ve learned a few programs concerning video editing and sound editing, as well as how to animate 3D models in 3DS Max.

Our first exercise for learning After Effects (AE) — a video compositing and editing program — was to animate an image and change something about its color or movement within AE. This was my first time experimenting with the program, and I can see a lot of mistakes within this exercise (ex. why is the sky transitioning from left to right…?) but I’m still proud of how cute it turned out.

BVIS545, Animation – Assignment 2: Learning After Effects from Kate Lamy on Vimeo.

Additionally, we just learned about the eight principles of animation. To show my understanding I created this little video of a planet receiving its rings.

BVIS545, Saturn – Animation Principles Exercise from Kate Lamy on Vimeo.

And there it is! Next week I’ll be turning in a lot of assignments, and also giving my Project Research Proposal presentation, so wish me luck!