Blastocyst hatching


The first project for Computer Visualization was due for critique yesterday. I can’t believe how far the class has come and all of the final scenes turned out amazing. I got a little caught up in modeling the blastocyst for my scene, which is supposed to illustrate implantation during human embryonic development. Earlier this month we met with small groups to talk about what scene from our storyboard would be most appropriate and dynamic as an animation still.


Here is a small part of my storyboard, which has 6 sketches and descriptions in total.

The blastocyst hatches from the zona pellucida before it implants on the endometrium to continue its development. This hatching process seemed right for the project, and this is the result.
This image was not what I turned in, but rather what I came up with after taking advice from my talented professor and classmates during our critique. I can’t believe how much more comfortable I am with 3D software, despite the accelerated nature of the course. It will be exciting to see what we come up with for our next assignment!



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  1. Sue Lamy said:

    Looks great!

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