Models and line drawings

Finally, the half-way point of the semester has passed. Neuroanatomy and the online research methods class are both finally finished, and the rest of the semester will be all about mastering 3DS Max and Mudbox, along with fine-tuning illustration skills. A couple of exercises into Computer Visualization later, and I’m finally getting the hang of Max.


Here is my finished scene for the blood vessel project.

Next time I’ll be sure to put a little more consideration into the specular levels to make the cells seem more glossy and shiny.


Here is my syringe model complete with materials, lighting, and compositing.

It was really fun to play around with the mental ray materials in Max. There are so many fun surfaces to try out on your models, and so you can apply so much customization to each material. I can’t wait to see what happens when we bring models into Max from MudBox.

Compositing is tricky, but in the end it’s really worth it. The initial “beauty pass” of the model within Max is flat and boring compared to what you can do with your scene in Photoshop. Though I’ve never used Adobe AfterEffects, it’s supposed to apply the kinds of changes you can do in photoshop to animation scenes. That won’t be until next semester though, so I’ll make an update regarding that later on.

In other news, assignment 2 for Illustration Techniques is finally finished. I have critique on Wednesday, so wish me luck!


My final assignment 2 for Illustration Techniques. We were asked to illustrate a clinical process in Adobe Illustrator. Though I normally dislike Illustrator, after messing with it for a few hours I started to get a better idea of how the program works. I’ll definitely be using Illustrator more in the future, especially when trying to illustrate geometric objects (like a laryngoscope!).

Our next assignment is to complete a copy of a Tom Jones illustration in Photoshop. I hope I can pay proper homage to his work, as he founded the medical illustration program at UIC. I’m really looking forward to doing some digital painting to render a piece, and I know I’ll learn a lot from the process.

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  1. Sue Lamy said:

    That syringe looks real!

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