Left cerebral hemisphere and accompanying sinuses

Finally, the first Illustration Techniques assignment is due today. For this assignment, the class was given a lot of preparatory material to get ready to use pen and ink techniques. We looked at pen and ink medical illustration by John Melloni, Gerald Hodge, Al Teoli, Russel Drake, Trudy Nicholson, Tim Phelps, and of course, John Daugherty. By studying Hodge’s practice sheets on eyelash line and effective contour line drawing, the class was given a great introduction to the patience necessary for pen and ink illustration. We were given specific limits on size and layout, measured in picas. We could work digitally or traditionally — I chose Corel Painter and the scratchboard tool to make my illustration of the lateral brain and sinuses.

lamy_brain-dural-sinuses_LRMy pen & ink illustration for Illustration Techniques

I found this project very challenging, especially when doing my research on the important gyri and sulci of the brain as well as the position of the sinuses. After doing a little reading in Gray’s Anatomy and talking to my neuroanatomy professor, Dr. Unnerstall, I felt confident enough to place the sinuses accurately. Though I’m happy with the result, I think I’ll go back in and try to re-ink the work. The more you use pen and ink technique, the more control you have over the media. After all that, I feel like I have a much better idea of how it works.

  1. fatunmbi said:

    This is beautiful Kate! You should enter this into the AMI salon this year!

    • Thanks Dorothy! I’m definitely considering it. šŸ™‚

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