Monthly Archives: December 2013


My final project for Anatomical Visualization. For this assignment, I had to illustrate the enzyme COX-1 and its interactions with both ibuprofen and aspirin. It was challenging, but I’m pleased with the result. I definitely learned a lot from this project — especially about how to use my resources better. Instead of placing the enzyme in half of the lipid bilayer of the ER, I placed the enzyme knobs within the entire lipid bilayer. From now on whenever I do any molecular illustration, I’ll read more about how the molecules are situated in the environment. Thankfully, I still think the illustration reads clearly. If you’re taking aspirin for cardio-protective benefits, always make sure you don’t take it along with ibuprofen! Check out the illustration to understand why.


It’s been a crazy semester full of challenging projects, deadlines, and most importantly, anatomy exams! But it’s all coming to an end in the next week. I’ve definitely grown a lot as a student this semester, and I feel prepared to take on the new challenges brought with the next year and a half of study. Next semester I’m registered for two science courses, Neuroanatomy (with lab) and Pathophysiology, which is online. I’m definitely curious about Neuroanatomy, and a little scared about the prospect of taking a class as difficult as Pathophysiology online, but I’m sure it will work out okay. As far as my design and art classes go, I’m taking Computer Visualization and Illustration Techniques. I’ll also be taking a class on research, Strategic Inquiry in the Biomedical and Health Sciences, as well as starting my own project research. Unfortunately I won’t be taking Graphic Design, which sounds like a great class, but maybe I’ll be able to take it in the future or as an independent study.

This Friday is the last anatomy exam, and then next week there are three big projects due. Everyone in the BVIS program will be putting together presentations showing their work before we end the semester. It’s exciting that this crazy semester is coming to an end, but it also feels bittersweet in some ways. With the end of the semester comes the end of anatomy labs and lectures, and just when I finally feel like the language of anatomy has become comfortable for me! I’ll be happy not to be dissecting anymore, but in some ways it’ll be sad to leave the anatomy lab for good. I’m mostly bummed about returning the bone box, which I didn’t have the opportunity to draw from as much as I wanted to. Since I love drawing bones, I’ll have to take that on as an independent project sometime during my career. But right now it’s important to focus on what I need to do to succeed within the program, which means it’s time to get back to studying. Wish me luck!