Monthly Archives: November 2013

Since I last posted, I’ve survived yet another anatomy exam and begun on a collection of new projects. I’m particularly excited about assignment four for Anatomical Visualization, which is to place at least two organs within a figure, complete with the skeleton and reference planes so that the anatomy is positioned in the most accurate manner possible. This project’s emphasis is on relativity, and how starting with a solid and accurate structure or base (the skeleton, for example) will help in the construction and success of the final work. I’m just about finished and all that needs to be added are a few labels.

We started with a couple of figure drawings of both the male and female figure. Both models had a substantial amount of clear surface anatomy landmarks, such as the sternal notch, the lines of the clavicles, the acromion process, the costal margins, the anterior superior iliac spines (popularly known as ASIS), and the iliac crests. This makes it much easier to place the internal anatomy within the figure. Fortunately, I was in the center of the room when the male model posed for us in anatomical position. During the time when the female model posed for us, I had a 3/4 medial view which wouldn’t work for this project. I was interested in illustrating the female reproductive system, but the sketches of the male model ended up being ideal for the assignment.

I ended up illustrating the kidneys, ureters, and bladder along with the lungs.


We’re nearing the end of this semester, and it’s pretty amazing to realize how much I’ve accomplished in the last three months. I’ve learned a plethora of new information about the human body, illustration, and web design and I am so privileged to be working with such talented peers and professors. In less than a month my classmates and I (including the 2nd year students) will be giving a final presentation to everyone involved in the program about our work during the semester. I can’t wait to see what everyone has accomplished!